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United Subdivision Mixture is designed to germinate and establish fast to help control weeds and erosion in areas where development will take place within two to four years. A cover crop is added to provide cover in the short run while the perennial rye and tall fescue establish for longer term utility. Although this mixture is designed for short-term use, Subdivsion mixture can be used as an indefinite solution for many applications. This mixture can be left un-mown or maintained as is seen fit. Use this economical seed mixture anywhere erosion could be a problem or weeds need to be kept at bay.

Contains:  Perennial Ryegrass, Oats, Tall Fescue (Medium Red Clover or Alfalfa available upon request)

Seeding Info

 Seeding Rate: 100 Lbs per acre (drill seeding) 150 Lbs per acre (broadcast or dormant seeded)

 Seeding Dates: March-June Dormant Seed:  December-March

 Germination Time:  5-14 Days (as a mix)