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Native Wildflower Mixture by United Seeds is a comprehensive mixture of annual, biennial and perennial native wildflowers. Ranging in mature height from 12 inches to 60 inches, this mixture is very diverse in color and texture and will provide bloom periods from spring until fall.

We encourage this mixture to be introduced into a mature native grass stand for greater ease of establishment and long term sustainability, but can also be kept with a higher degree of maintenance as a native wildflower stand all by itself.

Many wildflower seed lots contain a certain amount of natural dormancy and therefore would need to be stratified at different levels in order to germinate. A freeze/thaw cycle is simple stratification that breaks dormancy. When this mixture is planted in spring-time, many seeds may lay dormant until the following year. Dormancy is a natural defense mechanism that prevents seeds from germinating at the wrong time of year.

Seeding Rates: 16-32 LBS/Acre as just wildflower mix. 8-16 LBS/Acre when introduced into a native grass stand.

Seeding Dates: April-June Dormant Seed: December - February

Seeding Methods: Mechanical drill or broadcast (harrow-in). Frost seed.