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United Seeds carries a full line of high quality forage grasses that can be mixed to your specification. We also offer two pasture mixtures that produce high quality forage either by grazing or baling.

Pubescent Wheatgrass _ Smooth Brome _ Fawn Tall Fescue _ Teff Grass _ Climax Timothy _ Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass  Annual Ryegrass  

Crested Wheatgrass _ Intermediate Wheatgrass _ Forage Type Kentucky Bluegrass _ Meadow Brome  Orchardgrass

Forage Type Perennial Ryegrass _ Forage Oats _ Forage Barley _ Sorghum Sudangrass _ Forage Winter Wheat _ Triticale _ Hairy Vetch

Pearl Millet _ Oil Seed Radish _ Common Alfalfa _ Vernal Alfalfa _ Milo