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United Floodplain Mixture consists of species that are deep rooted and once established, are able to tolerate standing water for an extended period of time of about 60 days. A mixture of cool and warm season grasses, this mixture will have season long growth which also enables this mixture to withstand periods of cool / wet as well as hot / dry conditions. Oats are added as a quick cover crop while the slower germinating and establishing grasses develop.

Floodplain Mixture:

Floodplain Mixture contains:

Warm Season Grasses: Big Bluestem, Switchgrass, Prairie Cordgrass

Cool Season Grasses: Canada Wildrye, Virginia Wildrye, and Western Wheatgrass

Sedge: Fox Sedge

Custom variations of this mixture available to meet customer preferences and needs.

Seeding Rates:

Per Acre: 20 Bulk Pounds

Per 1,000 Sq Ft: 0.46 Bulk Pounds

Seeding Dates:

Drill or Broadcast:         March to June

Dormant Seed (Drill or Broadcast):         December to February  

Preferred Seeding Methods:

Mechanical Drill, Broadcast (with mechanical incorporation, harrowed)

Germination Times:

Warm Season Grasses: 21-28 Days

Cool Season Grasses: 14-28 Days

Sedges: 14-28 Days